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Product knowledge
What are the advantages of hydraulic water well drilling rigs?
Jul 26, 2022

Hydraulic water well drilling rig is mainly suitable for water well drilling rig construction, geothermal hole construction, and also suitable for large-diameter vertical holes or unloading hole construction in geotechnical engineering such as hydropower stations, railways, highways, and urban foundations; grouting reinforcement holes; small foundations Pile holes; micro piles, etc.

Drilling rigs use a variety of techniques, such as conventional down-the-hole hammer drilling, long auger drilling rigs, mud circulation drilling, follow-pipe drilling, roller cone drilling, hydraulic hammer drilling, etc. What are the characteristics of water well drilling rigs?


1. The main shaft of the power head of the hydraulic water well drilling rig has a floating function, which can effectively protect the screw thread of the drill pipe; the casing power head also acts as a screwing machine, which can realize the mechanization of the unloading and screwing of the drilling tool;

2. The hydraulic motor, operating valve and oil pump of the drilling rig adopt international famous brand products, and other components are selected from domestic famous and high-quality products, so that the performance of the whole machine is stable, reliable and long-lasting;

3. The hydraulic water well drilling rig is a dual power head type drilling rig, which does not require an active drill pipe; the extended 7m stroke greatly reduces the number of guide rods, improves the drilling efficiency, and reduces the accident rate in the hole; it can realize the full stroke of pressurization Or decompression drilling.

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