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Air Compressor

HW-3.5/5 Air Compressor
Exhaust volume:3.5 m3/min
Exhaust pressure: 0.5Mpa
Drive mode:Diesel engine driven
HW-5/8 Air Compressor
Exhaust volume:5 m3/min
Exhaust pressure:0.8 bar
Drive mode:Diesel engine driven
HW-10/8 Screw Air Compressor
Capacity: 18m3/min
Exhaust pressure: 1.7Mpa
Engine: YC6A260L-20
HW-15/15 Screw Air Compressor
Exhaust volume:15 m3/min
Exhaust pressure:15 bar
Drive mode:Diesel engine driven
HW-29/23 Screw Air Compressor
Capacity: 29m3/min
Exhaust pressure: 2.3Mpa
Engine: CA6DL2-35G31-YM10
HW-31/25 Screw Air Compressor
Capacity: 31m3/min
Exhaust pressure: 2.5Mpa
Engine: CA6DM2-42GAG2
HW-60 Screw Air Compressor
Exhaust volume:18 m3/min
Exhaust pressure:18 bar
Drive mode:Diesel engine driven

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