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Product knowledge
Why are pneumatic drilling rigs the most efficient?
May 30, 2022
The biggest difference between pneumatic drilling rigs and ordinary drilling rigs is the drilling method.

Ordinary drilling rigs usually use rotary drilling, that is, relying on the rotation of the power head to drive the drill pipe and drill bit, which is a form of grinding, while pneumatic drilling rigs are generally equipped with air compressors, down-the-hole drill bits and impactors.

The impactor is independent and dives into the bottom of the hole. No matter how deep the hole is, the drill bit is directly installed on the impactor without passing the punching skills through the drill pipe, thus reducing the loss of punching skills.


(HWS260 Pneumatic Drilling Rig)

1. Small body: The width of the body is only 1.9 meters, which is completely suitable for drilling wells for farmyards or other narrow ground conditions.

2. Large drilling depth: the drilling depth can reach 240-300 meters.

3. The full hydraulic control is convenient and flexible: the rotation speed, torque, thrust axial pressure, reverse axial pressure, thrust speed, and lifting speed of the drilling rig can be adjusted at any time to meet the needs of different drilling tool operating conditions and different construction techniques.

4. Top drive rotary propulsion lifting: It is easy to connect and unload the drill pipe, shorten the auxiliary time, and also facilitate the drilling with the pipe.

5. Multifunctional drilling: Various drilling processes can be used on this rig, such as: down-the-hole drilling, mud drilling, roller cone drilling, follow-pipe drilling, and core drilling under development, etc. Wait. The drilling rig can be equipped with mud pump, generator, electric welding machine and cutting machine according to user needs. The rig also comes standard with a variety of winches.

6. High operating efficiency: full hydraulic and top drive rotary propulsion lifting, suitable for various drilling processes and various drilling tools, convenient and flexible control, fast drilling speed, and short auxiliary time, so the operation efficiency is high.

7. Low cost: The drilling on the rock is mainly based on the down-the-hole hammer drilling process. The down-the-hole hammer has high operating efficiency for rock drilling and low drilling cost per meter.

8. Crawler type with high outriggers: The high outriggers are convenient for loading and transportation, and can be directly loaded without a crane. Crawler walking is more suitable for muddy field movement.

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