Product knowledge
Product knowledge
Performance characteristics of down-the-hole drill impactor
Jul 29, 2022

1. The latest contemporary rock drilling theory is used to design the internal structure size of the impactor, so that the impactor can obtain the most ideal energy transmission, with large single impact power and faster rock drilling speed.

2. The unique taper diameter reduction design, if the gravel and soil are stuck during drilling, the taper diameter reduction can reduce the lifting resistance and greatly reduce the failure of the impactor when it is lifted up.

3. In order to prevent dust pollution in perforating rock drilling operations, the main parts of the product also adopt a special new computer program-controlled heat treatment process to facilitate the addition of a small amount of high-pressure water into the compressed air for wet rock drilling to protect the operator's safety. healthy.

4. With this design, the user can directly connect with the drill pipe without reducing the diameter joint, reducing the user's production cost.

5. Select the highest quality raw materials and the most advanced processing technology, the performance is more stable and the service life is longer.

6. It has the most simple and reliable internal structure and easy assembly and disassembly, less failure and convenient maintenance.

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