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How to deal with water well drilling rig stuck?
Aug 02, 2022

Water well drilling rigs often encounter sticking when working, so how do we deal with water well drilling rigs? Next, Zhengyang water well drilling rig will take you to understand how to deal with the stuck water well drilling rig.

When the water well drilling rig is drilling, the most common thing is the stuck pipe. Any phenomenon that the pipe string and tools it runs cannot be lifted, lowered or rotated in the well is called stuck pipe. When this phenomenon occurs, the drilling rig can no longer work normally. Conducted.

Drilling is based on the strength of the current drill bit, and broken wings have been basically eliminated. In case of special circumstances, a piece of seamless pipe with a diameter similar to the hole diameter can be used. The pipe is filled with butter, asphalt, etc., which is connected with the drill pipe and enters the bottom of the hole. The broken wings at the bottom of the hole were taken out, and the rock dust at the bottom of the hole was blown clean before salvaging.


In severe cases, the drilling tool cannot be lifted up or put down, and the impactor does not sound. At this time, only external torque or auxiliary tools can be used to help lift the drilling tool to rotate the drilling tool. until released. When re-drilling, add pressure first, and then gradually increase the propulsion until the normal working pressure is reached.

Do you have any other way to solve the problem of water well drilling rig stuck? Welcome to share!

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