8 Precautions for Parking Water Well Drilling Rigs in Winter

Nov 22, 2022


In winter, most water well drilling rigs enter idle time. During this period of time, everyone must not ignore your favorite machine. Hengwang will introduce 9 precautions for parking water well drilling rigs in winter:

1. Winter enters the off-season of construction. Before the water well drilling rig is idle for storage, you should first conduct a comprehensive physical examination on the water well drilling rig to check whether there are any faults and loose parts, and clean the dust and dirt on the machine body.

2. When storing the drilling rig in winter, remember to take back the exposed oil cylinder as much as possible to avoid corrosion of the oil cylinder in humid environments such as snow in winter to prevent the oil cylinder from rusting. If it cannot shrink due to site reasons, you can apply a layer of butter on the surface of the piston rod.

3. The temperature in winter is very cold. When the water well drilling rig needs to be parked for a long time, the coolant in the engine should be emptied. It should also be observed whether the oil quality of the engine oil is normal, and the old engine oil is easy to corrode engine parts.

4. Special attention should be paid to the parking position of the drilling rig, which should be parked in a dry indoor environment. Due to limited conditions, most water well drilling rigs are parked outdoors. At this time, a relatively flat place should be selected, and it should not be placed in a humid, saline-alkali, dusty environment for a long time.

5. When the rig is parked outdoors for a long time, remember to cover the exposed oil cylinder with a cloth. For the sake of outdoor safety, carefully check whether there are valuables and flammable and explosive things in the cab when storing the rock drill.

6. The hydraulic drilling rig cannot be completely ignored after it is placed. The engine needs to be started and run once a month to avoid problems if it is not used for a long time. When the antifreeze is insufficient, it should be added in time and then restarted.

7. Winter maintenance should not be lost. Diesel oil should be replaced with -10~30 type, light diesel oil with low freezing point and good ignition performance should be selected; engine oil should be replaced with thickened engine oil suitable for the weather in the area; at the same time, check whether the hydraulic system has If there is an oil leak, replace it if necessary.

8. Due to the low temperature, the battery is prone to power feeding in winter, so the battery should be removed and stored in a warm room.

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