Reverse Circulation Drill Rig
Reverse Circulation Drill Rig
JZF-D Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig
Drill Diameter: 300-1000mm
Drill Depth: 80m
Machine Weight: 3.2T

JZF-D positive and negative circulation drilling rig is a crawler type drilling rig that integrates positive circulation and reverse circulation drilling functions.

The positive circulation is mainly used for drilling sandy soil, and the reverse circulation is mainly used for slime or pebble.

This drilling rig can easily handle the drilling of soil, sand, slime, and pebble layers. It has been widely used in drilling wells, farm irrigation wells, and engineering pile holes.

JZF-D Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig Features:

1. The steel wire rubber track chassis is adopted to reduce the walking noise of the vehicle and not hurt the road when walking on urban roads.

2. The crawler chassis is equipped with hydraulic outriggers to facilitate the leveling of the rig.

3. The walking chassis is equipped with an electric start diesel engine, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator, especially in cold seasons.

Drilling diameter (m)300-1000 (Reverse cycle)
Drilling diameter (m)200-850 (Positive cycle)
Drill rod specificationsφ140*2000
Reverse circulation pump moto (kw)15
Hydraulic oil pump (hp)4
Machine weight (T)3.2

Due to the continuous update and progress of technology, the difference between the technical parameters and configuration and the actual product is subject to the actual delivery.

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