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Engineering Drill Rig

3.5m Anchoring Drilling Rig

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Drill diameter: 65~220mm
Drill depth (m): 0~30m
Drilling angle: 0-180°

Crawler anchor drilling rig is a new type of highly efficient and fast mechanized hydraulic operation drilling equipment independently developed and manufactured by our company. The drilling rig adopts full hydraulic control mode, crawler-type walking device, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, specialty, and fast hole expansion speed.



1. Equipped with 22kw power R series hard-tooth surface gear gyrator has the characteristics of large rotation torque, high efficiency and durability.

2. Six-column hydraulic valve control, reasonable position, convenient operation, new hydraulic system, advance and retract in one step.

3. Integrated multi-function control box, can quickly start the rig, emergency stop, single and double motor control.

4. The crawler walking device can be used for mobile operation in a harsh construction environment, with efficient climbing ability.

The anchoring rig is primarily employed for landslide and hazardous rock mass anchoring projects, aimed at preventing and controlling various geological disasters in hydropower stations, railways, and highway slopes. It is particularly well-suited for high slope rock mass anchoring projects. Additionally, it is suitable for urban deep foundation pit support, anti-floating bolt and foundation grouting reinforcement engineering holes, blasting holes for blasting engineering, high-pressure jetting piles, tunnel pipe shed support holes, and other applications.

maximum vertical height3.5m
Overall dimensions of crawler chassis2500*2200
Track shoe width270
engine modelchangfa
Engine maximum power/speed22 HP
electric motorTravel motor 15kw
Lower slewing bearingfixed
Upper slewing bearing180 degree rotation
Hydraulic oil pump40
Big frame/
Hydraulic legs/
support armSingle section (both arms)
Power HeadElectric 22kw
drilling angleCan drill flat holes/can drill oblique holes/can drill vertical holes
Drilling diameter/depth65-220mm/30m
Chain carriage1.8m
Drill pipe propulsion and lifting power40
Hydraulic system radiatorelectric wind

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