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Engineering Drill Rig

HW-90 Percussion Drilling Rig

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Drill Diameter: 400-2500MM
Drilling Depth: 70M-300M
Rated Power: 75KW

1. Percussion drilling rig is mainly used in deep foundation engineering (tall building engineering, water conservancy project, bridge construction) construction of large caliber cast-in place pile and construction of diaphragm wall and deep water well. It can adapt to various geological conditions, especially to pebble bed and rock stratum. Percussion drilling rig is more applicable than the other kinds of drilling machines with high efficiency and long durable.

2. The drill bit of Percussion drilling rig can break rock into pieces and then use the slag exhausting equipment to clean the slag out of the hole. The drill bit can drive the soil, sand, pebble and etc into around of the hole, no need to exhaust them out of the holes, improve the working efficiency. Meanwhile, the formed hole wall is high dense and strong, which is very useful for stabilizing the hold wall and improving the carrying capacity of the pile foundation

3. Percussion drilling rig is very popular in the market currently, all of its components are all installed in the trailer, like electric motor, hoist, mast etc, integrate motion. The percussion drilling rig uses the crank-link mechanism to change the power's gyration motion into alternating motion, through the steel cable to drive the drill bit to do up-and-down motion.

Drill Diameter400-1500MM1500-1800MM1800-2000MM1800-2500MM
Drilling Depth150-300M100-150M80-100M70M
Lifting Force80KN
Mast Loading Capacity50T
Impact Times36-38 pieces
Mast Height8.5-12M (Standard 8.5M)
Machine Weight6500KG
Engine Power75Kw

Due to the continuous update and progress of technology, the difference between the technical parameters and configuration and the actual product is subject to the actual delivery.

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