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Engineering Drill Rig

8m Anchoring Drilling Rig

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One-year warranty

Drill diameter: 0~300mm
Drill depth (m): 0~30m
Drilling angle: 0-360°

The crawler anchor drilling rig incorporates a full hydraulic control mode, ensuring precise control and smooth operation. Its crawler-type walking device enhances mobility and maneuverability, allowing it to traverse various terrains with ease.

With its high efficiency, specialty focus, and fast hole expansion speed, the crawler anchor drilling rig is an ideal choice for a wide range of drilling applications. It offers reliable and efficient performance, making it a valuable asset for projects in various industries.

maximum vertical height8m
Overall dimensions of crawler chassis3500*2300
Track shoe width400
engine modelYCD4J22T-105 (Yuchai)
Engine maximum power/speed78kw / 2300r/min
electric motor45kw (with multi-function distribution box)
Lower slewing bearing1m; 360 degree rotation; single planetary reducer
Upper slewing bearingSE21-A0A (Henuan Intelligent); 360 degree rotation
Hydraulic oil pump50/50/32
Big frameindividual frame
Hydraulic legsFour hydraulic legs
support armTwo sections (both arms)
Power HeadDual hydraulic motor power head
drilling angleCan drill flat holes/can drill oblique holes/can drill vertical holes
Drilling diameter/depth300mm/30m
Chain carriageTravel 3.5m
Drill pipe propulsion and lifting powerplanetary power
Hydraulic system radiatorYS-27A(Hengsheng)
encircleFully enclosed (including engine cover)
CounterweightSolid counterweight; telescopic back 1 meter


1. Reliability, practicality, and portability: The drilling rig is designed with a focus on reliability, ensuring stable and consistent performance. It is also practical and portable, allowing for easy transportation and setup at different job sites.

2. Stable performance and long service life: The entire machine is engineered to deliver stable performance over an extended period. Its components are designed for durability, resulting in a long service life.

3. Lightweight construction: To optimize drilling capacity without compromising mobility, this model incorporates alloy steel components to reduce weight as much as possible. This enhances portability and ease of maneuverability.

4. Split structure with quick relocation: The rig features a split structure, allowing for convenient detachment and quick relocation. This enables efficient and seamless installation, making it possible to complete porous construction in a single relocation.

5. Operator-friendly design: The design ensures that the operator can work at a safe distance from the orifice, creating a favorable working environment. Additionally, the rig is engineered to minimize labor intensity, promoting ease of operation.

6. Versatile construction capabilities: The drilling rig is suitable for multi-process construction, including pneumatic down-the-hole hammer drilling, casing and pipe drilling, and long helical drill pipe drilling. It offers flexibility for a wide range of drilling requirements.

7. Wide application scope: The rig is ideal for various construction projects, such as hydropower station projects, prestressed anchor holes, drainage holes on slopes of railways and highways, as well as landslide prevention and rock collapse disaster control projects. It is designed to meet the demands of these applications effectively.

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