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Geological Exploration Drill Rig

HWED30 Sample Drilling Rig

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Drill diameter: 38-180mm
Drill depth: 50m
Related power: 40Kw

HWED30 environmental sampling drilling rig is a small direct push sampling rig developed by our company to meet construction needs.

The rig adopts four-cylinder engine power, featuring in compact structure, automatic walking crawler chassis, remote control, and high impact force of the power head as well as deep drilling depth.

It can meet the needs of soil sampling projects with a depth of 0-30 meters.

The all-in-one power head perfectly meets the soil sampling operation standard, reduces the repeated pollution of the soil, and effectively maintains the original nature of the soil.

It is multi-purpose as when sampling operation is completed, the sampling hole can be expanded into a well with the rotary power.

Moreover, the machine is simple to operate, safe, stable in performance, and efficient, which can greatly reduce the labor of the soil sampling personnel.

Drilling depth (m)0-50
Drilling methodDirect push
Hole diameter52/63/76/95
Bore diameter38/52/65/70
Weight (kg)1650
Walking speed (km/h)1.8
Working power (kw)35

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