Hydraulic Core Drill Rig
Hydraulic Core Drill Rig
HW-160L Hydraulic Drilling Rig
Drilling diameter: 75-325mm
Drilling depth: 160m
Rated Power: 13.2Kw

Hengwang Hydraulic Drilling Rig Series

Hengwang Group hydraulic drilling rig is a professional water well drilling equipment, mainly used for industrial drilling, low temperature drilling and agricultural drilling. Wireline coring rigs can be used for geological exploration as well as SPT soil testing.

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Main feature:

1. Adopt hydraulic automatic drilling mechanism to improve drilling efficiency and reduce labor intensity;

2. Hengwang is specially designed for the perfect match between the engine and the hydraulic system, which improves performance and reduces fuel consumption by 7%;

3. The fuselage design is compact and lightweight, which can work in plains and mountainous areas with less damage to vegetation.

Due to the continuous update and progress of technology, the difference between the technical parameters and configuration and the actual product is subject to the actual delivery.

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