Solar Pile Driver
Solar Pile Driver
Machine-locked rod rotary rigs
Drilling Depth: 35m
Drilling Diameter: 1800mm
Rated Power: 153Kw

Rotary drilling rig is a kind of construction machine suitable for hole formation in building foundation engineering. Mainly suitable for sandy soil, cohesive soil, silty soil and other soil construction, widely used in cast-in-situ piles, continuous walls, foundation reinforcement and other ground foundation construction.

Main feature:

1. Large torque: up to 120~400KN m, the maximum hole diameter is 4m, and the maximum hole depth is 90m.

2. Easy to operate: the control handle and instrument panel are arranged centrally, and can be operated by one person.

3. Crawler chassis, strong adaptability to terrain.

4. Compared with large rotary drilling rigs, the purchase cost is low and the economic benefit is higher.

OutsizeWorking Size (length×Width×Height)m8.8×2.8×12.8
Transport Size (length×Width×Height)m12.8×3.0×3.65
Machine Weightt28
Max Drilling Diametermm1500-1800
Max Drilling Depthm35
Rated Powerkw/rpm153/2000
Hydraulic FlowWoring PressureMain PumpMpa30
Secondary PumpMpa/
Max FlowMain PumpL/min2×80
Secondary PumpL/min/
Power HeadMaximum TorqueKn.m130
Rotating Speedrpm5-60
Maximum Throwing Speedrpm60

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