Solar Pile Driver
Solar Pile Driver
Wheel Rotary Pile Driver
Drilling depth: 15m
Drill diameter: 400-2200mm
Engine power: 120-150HP

Rotary drilling rig is a kind of construction machine suitable for hole formation in building foundation engineering.

Mainly suitable for sandy soil, cohesive soil, silty soil and other soil construction, widely used in cast-in-situ piles, continuous walls, foundation reinforcement and other ground foundation construction. 

Main feature:

1. Large torque, can reach 120~400kN·m, the maximum hole diameter can reach 1.5~4m, and the maximum hole depth is 60~90m;

2. Control handles and instruments are centrally arranged, with reasonable layout and convenient operation;

3. The tire base and high counterweight increase the overall stability of the fuselage while ensuring flexible movement.


Here are the key specifications for this product model. Want more details? Please contact us!

Dimensions (mm)7700*2200*3000
Vehivie mass (kg) 8500
Wheelbase (mm)3250
Drilling depth (m)1-15
Drilling diameter (mm)500-2000
Rotation angle (°) 180
Walking speed (km/h)5
Displacement of the hydraulic systym (ml/r)80
Engine power (kw)88

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