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Geological Exploration Drill Rig

HW-1000GL Fully Hydraulic Rope Coring Drilling Rig

Factory Direct
Training on Arrival
One-year warranty

Drilling depth:400-800-1000(m)
Rated speed:2400(rpm)
Maximum torque:950-1300(N·M)

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The full hydraulic rock core drilling rig is a widely used equipment that offers significant advantages in various applications.

1. Versatile Application: It is suitable for prospecting and drilling in a range of minerals such as gold ore, iron ore, coal, lithium ore, rubidium ore, and stone ore.

2. Easy Installation: The rig is easy to install, and during rope coring, there is no need to lift the drill pipe. The winch is connected to the salvage device, ensuring high coring efficiency.

3. Enhanced Efficiency: Unlike traditional vertical shaft control machines that require drilling and lifting of the drill pipe, the hydraulic rock core drilling rig offers higher efficiency. It eliminates the need for troublesome disassembly and assembly of the tower, and large equipment lifting and transportation, thereby reducing costs.

4. Thin-Wall Drilling Tools: The drilling rig utilizes thin-wall drilling tools, with a core diameter of 56 and a thin drill bit wall. This enables precise and efficient drilling operations.

5. Comparison to Traditional Drilling Rigs: In comparison to traditional drilling rigs, the full hydraulic rock core drilling rig offers a larger core diameter of 48 and thinner drill bit walls. This provides improved drilling performance and better results.


Drilling ability
Hydraulic system
preset pressure28(MPA)
Rated flow300(L/min)
Cooling typeAir cooling + Water cooling
Rated rotary speed2400(RPM)
Rated power154KW
Power head
Maximum torque1000-3500(N.M)
Maximum rotary speed1300(RPM)
Feeding stroke3500(MM)
Drilling tower
TypeGround contact integrated tower
Drilling angle45-90(°)
Lifting force30(T)
Feeding force15(T)
Lifting force1000(KG)
Rotary speed100-300(RPM)
Wire rope diameter6(MM)
Rope capacity1000(M)
typeManual + remote control
Walking speed3.5(KM/H)
Single machine climbing angle45(°)
hydraulic mud pump
mud pumpContains Bw-160 mud pump
Shipping dimensions6000*2200*2400(MM)
Total Weight7.5(T)

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