Geological Exploration Drill Rig
Geological Exploration Drill Rig
HW-400XL Fully Hydraulic Core Exploration Rig
Drilling depth:180-400-500(m)
Rated speed:2400(rpm)
Maximum torque:300-500(N·M)

The full hydraulic rock core drilling rig is widely used and has obvious advantages.

1. Prospecting, gold ore, iron ore, coal, lithium ore, rubidium ore, stone ore, etc.

2. It is easy to install, and the rope coring process does not need to lift the drill pipe. The winch is connected to the salvage device, and the coring efficiency is high.

3. The traditional vertical shaft control machine drills and lifts the drill pipe, which has low efficiency and troublesome disassembly and assembly of the tower, which requires large equipment to be lifted and transported, and the cost is high.

4. Thin-wall drilling tools, the core diameter is 56, and the wall of the drill bit is thin.

5. Traditional drilling rig Core diameter 48 bit wall thickness.


Drilling depth180-400-500 (M)
Rated speed2400 (RPM)
Rated power78 (KW)
Maximum torque300-500 (N.M)
Drilling angle45-90 (°)
Lifting force12 (T)

Due to product upgrading, some parameters may be changed, and the latest parameters can be obtained by submitting the form.

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