Geological Exploration Drill Rig
Geological Exploration Drill Rig
HW180D Sample Drilling Rig
Drill diameter: 40-120mm
Drill depth: 30m
Related power: 42Kw

1. Drill rig pushes directly to make sampling

2. The drilling rig without rotary is not necessary to add water

3. It is to make samples with double tubes and sample reach directly into inner tube without contamination

4. It is equipped with leakproof plug and leakproof connecting rod to realize leakproof

5. It can make Max. 30m depth sampling

6. 120mm diameter sampling (sampling depth will be reduced)

Size (L*W*H)3400*1500*2400mm
Drilling diameter40-120mm
Drilling depth30m
Drill pipe length3m
Walking speed2.5km/h
Working pressure1.45-2.5Mpa

Due to the continuous update and progress of technology, the difference between the technical parameters and configuration and the actual product is subject to the actual delivery.

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