Guardrail Pile Driver
Guardrail Pile Driver
HWH380D Guardrail Pile Driver
Power Head Model: 85#
Engine Power: 33kw
Pile Depth: 3100mm


Pile Driving, Drilling, Pile Pulling

Equipment use area:

1. Drilling, piling, and piling of highway guardrails

2. Piling in various other fields (such as farms, ranches, orchards, etc.)

3. Highway field engineering construction

Main feature:

1. Power guarantee: The domestic brand diesel engine ensures power and fuel efficiency.

2. Hydraulic system: Strict assembly of high-quality hydraulic components ensures the stability and durability of the hydraulic system.

3. Beautiful appearance: In line with the design idea of industrial aesthetics, the cab is more spacious.

4. Production process: The welding process is rigorous, and the overall frame welding is stress-relieved to reduce deformation.


Here are the key specifications for this product model. Want more details? Please contact us!

Working weight2795KG
Engine brandXICHAI
Engine Power33KW
Power Head#85
Power Head Weight60Kg
Overall Dimension2600*2700*2600

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