Guardrail Pile Driver
Guardrail Pile Driver
HWH940ZQ Guardrail Pile Driver
Engine Power: 76KW
Drill Depth: 1650mm
Drill Diameter: 0-300mm

Loaded guardrail pile driver is a product developed by Hengwang Group in order to meet market demand and combine its own technology.

The pile driver is a new product integrating driving, pulling and drilling.

Main feature:

1. The overall layout of the loading guardrail pile driver is good, the structure is compact, the layout of the center of gravity is reasonable, and the stability is good.

2. The body walking system has a good buffering effect and is more comfortable to operate.

3. The key parts are standardized and matched, which can adapt to various harsh working environments.


Here are the key specifications for this product model. Want more details? Please contact us!

Working weight6200KG
Engine brandYUNNEI
Engine Power76KW
Power Head#75
Power Head Weight140Kg
Overall Dimension4970*2700*2700

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