Hengwang Group offers a wide range of water well drilling rigs, exploration drilling rigs, rock drilling rigs, piling rigs and other piling drilling equipment.


HW-1000GL Fully Hydraulic Core Exploration Rig
Drilling depth:400-800-1000(m)
Rated speed:2400(rpm)
Maximum torque:950-1300(N·M)
3.5m Crawler Rock Drilling Machine
Drill diameter: φ65~φ220mm
Drill depth (m): 0~30m
Drilling angle: 0-90
HW-1500 Diamond Core Drill
Drilling depth:400-1500(m)
Related Power:132(KW)
Drill Diameter:50-114(mm)
15m Crawler Rock Drilling Machine
Drill diameter: 0~300mm
Drill depth (m): 0-40m
Drilling angle: 0-90°
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