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Rock Drill & Splitter

YN27C Internal-Combustion Rock Drill

Factory Direct
Training on Arrival
One-year warranty

Drilling Depth: 6M
Drill Rod: B22
Weight: 45Kg

YN27C hand-held internal-combustion rock drill is a hand-rock drilling tool which integrates small gasoline engine, compressor and rock drill. It is easy to be carried along, be suitable to work on high mountains, plains, hot and cold area with no power and no water supply and air compressing equipment, and especially suits the projects that the machine has to be carried at any time and in any area.

With turning the swing arm to running-or-stop rotation plumbum, the machine can be converted into a breaker or a hammer, for breaking, digging, splitting or ramming. The machine is suited to build of bridge, road, power station, geological exploration etc.





overall dimension



single cylinder, air cooled two strokes

Cylinder diameter*stroke piston


Rotating speed of engine

more than 2450r/min

displacement of engine



hand needle valve, no floating type

Ignition system

controllable silicon contactless system

Drilling speed

more than 2450r/min

Max drilling depth


Fuel consumption


Tank capacity

more than 1:14L

mixing ratio of gasoline and lubrication oil


end of drill rod dimensions

hexagonal 22*108mm

Rotating speed of drill rod

more than 200r/min

Clearance of spark plug


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