Rock Drill & Splitter
Rock Drill & Splitter
YT23D Rock Drill
Drilling Depth: 5M
Drill Rod: B22
Weight: 24Kg

1. YT23D Air leg Rock Drill for Rock Drill has good performance under low pressure; it is suitable for act impetus with long air pipe and small air compressor.

2. And YT23D Air leg Rock Drill for Rock Drill  is use for drilling in mines, quarries, railway construction, water conservancy and national defense project facility.

3. When YT23D Air leg Rock Drill for Rock Drill is matched with Model FY200A oil reservoir and Model FT160A or FT160B air-leg, it can perform wet drilling under various of rocks at a clinic and incline orientation, it can also use in the trolley without Air-leg.

4. Hand-hold YT23D Air leg Rock Drill for Rock Drill is a tool for the secondary blasting in quarry and especially for rocking 20mm hose in marble and granite,

5. it has characteristic of low weight, reasonable structure, handy use and little air consumption.

Weight24 kg
Air pressure0.35-0.63MPa
Cylinder dia70mm
Piston stroke70mm
Impact frequency (at0.4MPa)≥28HZ
Impact energy (at0.4MPa)≥45J
Air consumption (at0.4MPa)≤38 L/S
Noise≤112dB (A)
Water pressure0.2-0.3MPa
Air pipe (inner dia)19 mm
Water pipe (inner dia)13 mm
Bore dia34-42mm
Bore depth5m
Shank dimensions (hex*length)22*08+-1 mm
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