Rock Drill & Splitter
Rock Drill & Splitter
YT27 Rock Drill
Drilling Depth: 5M
Drill Rod: B22
Weight: 26Kg

YT27 Rock Drill is a rock drilling equipment with high efficiency.

It is widely used in rock drilling. It's very important to coal mine, tunnel, railway traffic, water conservancy and so on.

YT27 hand-held rock drill is suitable for hard rock, concrete (f=8~18) drilling, blasting, breaking works.

Energy-saving and efficient, long service life of parts, parts highly interchangeable and reliable performance.

Weight26 (Kg)
Length668 (mm)
Cylinder diaφ80 (mm)
Piston stroke60 (mm)
Working pressure0.4~0.5 (Mpa)
Impact energy≥70 (J)
Impact frequency≥36 (Hz)
Air consumption≤85 (L/s)
Working water pressure0.2~0.3 (Mpa)
Air pipe inner diaφ25 (mm)
Water pipe inner diaφ13 (mm)
Rock drill hole diaφ34~φ42 (mm)
Rock drill hole depth5 (m)
Shank size22×108 (mm)
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