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Rock Drill & Splitter

Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Factory Direct
Training on Arrival
One-year warranty

Drilling Diameter: 42-50mm
Engine: Electric/Diesel
Configurable Guns No.: 1-10

The hydraulic rock & concrete splitter is the most suitable tool for demolition. The hydraulic rock and concrete splitter is a kind of hand-hold splitting and demolition tool. It can controllable split rock or concrete. Especially suit for cabin area where large machine can not work. Such as hydraulic breaker and place where is strictly limited of noise, dust,flying debris, shake, exhaust gas, also widely use in the place where need non-explosive and blast forbidden. Now it is widely used in mineral mining (cave mining), civil engineering construction and demolition. It is also an indispensable tool in construction, river dredging, salvation etc.

Hydraulic Rock Splitter Features:

1) Powerful (Max:1000T), it can split the stone or concrete easily.

2) High Efficiency, it can split the stone in 5-10 seconds.;

3) Long-life, the wedges stands wear and tear;

4) Easy to operate and maintain.

Splitting cylinders parameters
Piston diameter80mm80mm80mm90mm90mm90mm
Drilling diameterΦ42mmΦ45mmΦ50mmΦ42mmΦ45mmΦ50mm
Drilling depth≧500mm≧550mm≧600mm≧500mm≧550mm≧600mm
Wedge block length250mm350mm450mm250mm350mm450mm
Crack width10~40mm10~40mm10~40mm10~40mm10~40mm10~40mm
Splitting time5~15s5~15s5~15s5~15s5~15s5~15s
Theory of separatist force600T600T600T800T800T800T
The actul split force480T480T480T480T480T480T
Pump pack parameters
EngineElectric engineDiesel engine
Capacity of tank40L60L88L45L65L90L
Motor power3.0KW4.0KW5.5KW3Hp5Hp7.5Hp
Working pressure (Mpa)55-6055-6055-6055-6055-6055-60
Working flow (L/min)2—132—132—132—132—132—13
Configurable guns number1—52—72—101—33—83—10

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