Spare Parts
Spare Parts
SP480 DTH Hammer
Model: SP480
Working Pressure: 1.0-1.9Mpa
Air Consumption: 5.5/9m3/min

DTH hammers are used for blast hole drilling and blasting, mainly applied in Mining, Marble quarry or well drilling and other construction projects.

Main Feature:

New products designed based on mining condition in china, improving by advanced technology from global market.

Superior materials, advanced process,guaranteed quality.

Faster drillinq rate.

Hardness can be enhaced to expand the lifespan of hammer, and lower the cost. Huge impulse with low consumption of electricity.

The modern theory is adopted in the structural design, which makes the stress.

wave duration longer, the stress amplitudeis lower, and the piston life is long.

Ref.PartsWeightPart No
01Top Sub7.4 Kg01-SP480-01
02"O' Ring0.01 Kg01-SP480-02
03Check Valve0.3 Kg01-SP480-03
04Spring0.04 Kg01-SP480-04
05Valve Seat1 Kg01-SP480-05
06Inner Cylinder1.5 Kg01-SP480-06
07Piston8 Kg01-SP480-07
08Piston Case11.6 Kg01-SP480-08
09Guided Sleeve1.5 Kg01-SP480-09
10Check Ring0.02 Kg01-SP480-10
11Retainer Ring0.34 Kg01-SP480-11
12Drive Chuck3.1 Kg01-SP480-12
13Drill Bit01-SP480-13
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