Spare Parts
Spare Parts
BW Series Mud Pump
Max. flow: 150L/min~ 320L/min
Max. pressure: 7Mpa~10Mpa
Power: 7.5kw~30kw

BW Series Mud Pump:

1. BW mud pump is widely used for grouting and mud jacking in engineering construction.

2. BW mud pump have four gear shifts.Output and drilling depth are adjustable,so it can be used to grout cement slurry or equipped with drilling machine.

3. BW mud pump is widely used in railway, hydraulic engineering, metallurgical engineering, building construction, geological exploration, engineering exploration.

BW Series Mud Pump Features:

1. BW mud pump is horizontal triplex grout pump with high stability and high pressure.

2. Eight gear shift to adjust the flow, large output capacity, simple operation.

3. High quality pump parts, less wearing parts, long service life, low construction cost.

4. Fast suction-discharge speed, high pump efficiency.

5. Less noise and dust, environmental operation.

Max. flow150L/min160L/min250L/min320L/min
Max. pressure7Mpa10Mpa6Mpa8Mpa
Inlet pipe diameter51mm51mm76mm76mm
Outlet pipe diameter32mm32mm51mm51mm
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